Welcome to the complete meal that fits in the palm of your hand. Our pies are crafted using whole ingredients sourced locally. Tender cuts of meat simmered in rich savoury gravy and packaged in our buttery, flaky pastry. Perfection!!

Gourmet Pies – 7 oz $10 each
Steak-smSteak n Cheese
Kiwi Classic. Steak & Cheese is our top seller. Tender cuts of local free range beef slow cooked with onion in a rich beef gravy, topped with a layer of creamy cheese.
Steak with Double Cheese & Bacon
Same as the first with double the amount of white cheddar and a layer of our double smoked bacon! Yes, we make that!
Strog-Button_smBeef & Bacon Stroganoff
Strips of local beef in a rich and tangy mushroom gravy topped with thick cut double smoked bacon from Vessel Meats.
Chicken-Button_smChicken Cranberry Brie
Creamy brie cheese paired with homemade balsamic cranberry sauce and chucks of white chicken breast in a creamy herb sauce.
Pepper-Button_smPepper Steak
Tender steak cutlets seared in black pepper with a four peppercorn gravy to bring the perfect peppery kick.
Mince-Button_smMince n Cheese
AKA – Cheeseburger Pie. If you are a fan of the summertime classic, you will absolutely love our ground filling and creamy cheese topping with just the right spices.
BBQ-Pork-Button_smBBQ Pulled Pork
Withrow’s pork in our humble chili spice rub, slow cooked and topped with locally made Smoky BBQ sauce.
Humble Pie’s tribute to Halifax! Handmade donair topped with the works and our garlicky donair sauce. Great for late nights 😉
Butter-Button_smButter Chicken
Chunks of white chicken breast simmered in a housemade spicy Indian masala with balance of creamy butter and yogurt.
Buffalo Chicken
Think buffalo chicken wing, in a pie! The spiciest pie in our range made with local favourite – Dave’s Hot Sauce.
Chicken Bacon Alfredo
Finally, a Canadian hand pie! After marrying the notion that our customers love of chicken pies and saying in Canada that, “Everything is better with Bacon!”… the Chicken Bacon Alfredo pie was created. Chunks of white chicken breast meat simmered in a garlic parmesan cream sauce with double smoked bacon.
Mushroom & Ginger
A mix of portobello and white mushrooms sautéed in a soy ginger garlic sauce. A spicy vegetarian pie!
Spinach-Button_smSpinach & Feta Roll $6
Vegetarian delight! Creamy spinach mixed with feta, cream cheese and fresh herbs wrapped in a handheld pastry roll. Great for breakfast.
Standard Pies – 5 oz $6 each
Our latest creation in three classic savoury flavours – Steak, Chicken and Mince’n Cheese! Made with the same quality local ingredients and love but a slightly smaller package for smaller appetites.
(prices incl HST)